Smt. Manju Sharma

Mrs. Manju Sharma is the President of the Manjula Social Welfare Foundation. She looks after the overall operations, planning, and strategy of the organization. She is a post-Graduate in English. She had a successful stint in the social sector as well as working in the school admin department for last 22 years. She is the daughter of an Army officer who served for the nation.  Mrs. Sharma quits her full-time job for operating Manjula Social Welfare Foundation. Her dedication will make this organization more successful in coming years. She believes that society takes a proactive role in the process of development, child education (especially girl child), healthcare, bravery ship award, helping old aged, save Cocos and preside all over in India Shree Bhagwat Katha.

Sh. Narendar Kumar


Mr. Narender Kumar is a retired officer from the Delhi transport corporation (DTC). He is working for the past two years at Trishna College of paramedical and polytechnic. Having sympathy for the down-trodden people, he has been working continuously on their wellness and education. His slogan is ‘Helpless Free Earth’. He is working regularly in the Manjula Social Welfare Foundation. He has devoted his entire time to the organization.

Sh. Amit Sharma


Mr. Amit Sharma is one of the founder members of the Manjula Social Welfare Foundation. He is a great social worker and served seventeen rich years to the IT industry. He worked in an admin department and as an executive in IBM. Whenever this organization needs his suggestion and guidelines, he devotes his time. Mr. Sharma is a solid and powerful helper of the foundation.

Sh. Pranav Prasun


Pranav Prasun is a Social Media Marketer. He is working with many production houses & handles many Celebrity social media profiles. He has also released his two short films which were nominated under the White Unicorn International Film Festival & KIFF Indore. He is a professional freelancer who graduated in GNIIT from the National Institute of Information Technology. He is very proactive in helping others and devotes his time to social work.

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